Ilona & Edgars

Love beneath the blue sky

Ilona and Edgars have been together for many years, and the love they bear for one another is palpable and delightful. They are both Latvian, but they live and work now in Southampton. However, when they decided to get married, they wanted their wedding to fit their love story a beautiful modern fairytale so they chose Santorini.

With eagerness to become husband and wife, Ilona and Edgars prepared themselves at the Alleria Villa, after which they had the beautiful ceremony and reception at the Dana Villas. Their joy was contagious, we still remember how happy and in love they were, how deeply they looked at each other every minute of the night.

To capture more of their amazing love story, we had a photo shoot the next day at the Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum, where they were nothing short of stunning.

We wish them love and happiness forever after!